Stay Classy, Not Trashy With Sustainable Apparel and Promotional Products

Stay Classy, Not Trashy With Sustainable Apparel and Promotional Products

Posted by Caitlyn Stankey on Feb 18th 2020


There’s no doubt it – Sustainable products are the way of future. More and more companies are getting on the ‘go green’ bandwagon, and for a great cause! With talks of climate change and the fragility of the earth’s environment taking the global stage in both politics and culture, many forward-thinking consumers are wanting alternative products that are reduced, reused, and recycled.

Trophy House is proud to offer products for the ecologically-minded shopper in both the apparel and promotional product industries. Keep reading to find out how you can help save the earth, one purchase at a time!


The affordable Re-Tee is 100% recycled fabric and never re-dyed, made from reclaimed material (like plastic bottles and cotton scraps) that otherwise could end up in a landfill. This super comfy, soft T-shirt is available in 8 colors in both women’s and men’s styles. Doing good for the planet feels as good on the inside as it does on the outside!

Spruce up this plain-Jane tee with a custom design that promotes a love for mother earth.


Cities and States all over the U.S. are starting to realize the harmful impact of single-use plastics. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, eight states – California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon and Vermont – have banned single-use plastic bags in the past 10 years. Vermont even went so far to enact legislation in 2019 to restrict the use of single-use straws and polystyrene containers.

Tote Bags

This is great news from not only from an ecological standpoint, but from a promotional standpoint as well. Picture this – You’re in line at the grocery store and the person in front of you at the register has these cool-looking reusable tote bags. You ask where they got them and they tell you it was a gift from their employer, pointing out the company’s logo on the front of the bag. Now that company is stuck in your head, right? That’s exactly the point of a promotional product, to essentially be a walking billboard for the company your trying to market.


Tote bags are just one great way to help reduce the amount of plastic used in the world. Single-use plastic straws are also considered the bane of existence to the eco-minded. According to the National Parks Service, Americans use a staggering 500 million drinking straws every day. Thankfully, we here at Trophy House have found a couple of solutions to eliminate the need for those pesky plastic straws. Stainless steel straws can be used over and over again, so no need fill up any more overflowing landfills with millions of the things!

The stainless-steel straw set pictured here includes 3 food-grade stainless steel straws of different diameters to fit most tumblers, a durable cleaning brush, and a case made from wheat straw to hold everything. As with everything we feature, it can be uniquely personalized with your name or brand!

Let’s face it, sometimes we can’t be bothered to wash something every time we want to use it. Have no fear, we have a straw for that, and it’s still considered eco-friendly! These custom-designed paper straws are made of food grade paper and come in variety of colors and designs. They can even be outfitted with your company’s logo!


At Super Bowl LIV at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium a few weeks ago, promotional products made a big splash in the way of concessions offering beer-guzzling football fans branded recyclable aluminum cups for their beverages. Developed in partnership with Bud Light and container manufacturer Ball Corporation, the companies projected that the aluminum cups would help eliminate more than 500,000 plastic cups annually from Hard Rock Stadium’s supply chain if implemented year-round.

At Trophy House, we have our own version of this trendy metal cup. The coating on the outside of the cup enables us to laser engrave any logo onto it. These custom pint glasses would be perfect for a theme night at a restaurant, as a giveaway for a fundraiser, or any other event your trying to promote.

After reading about a few of the sustainable options for apparel and promotional products we offer, you’re probably thinking about how the cost of buying sustainable differs from the same old stuff you already purchase. Truthfully, the price difference is minimal. Where the true cost variance lies is in the impression on the natural world that a few T-shirts can make. In a recent study done by Quantis, a sustainability consulting firm, the apparel and footwear industries generated between 5 and 10% of global pollution impacts in 2016. It’s a possibility that we as a society can reduce those numbers, but it all starts with us changing our buying habits, one sustainable purchase at a time!