What is R.E.D. Friday?

Posted by Carly Crow on Oct 13th 2022

What is R.E.D. Friday?

What is R.E.D Friday? R.E.D Friday is when Americans wear red on Fridays to “Remember Everyone Deployed.” Supporting our troops is important to the staff at Trophy House. We employ former military, employees with military relatives and compassionate folks who love to put others first. In addition, as United States citizens we are grateful for the service of our fellow Americans and want to share our support. This is why we have developed our own shirt design and encourage all Trophy House staff members to wear these t-shirts to work on Fridays. We want to promote awareness.

We hope that our efforts will encourage others to do the same. When customers see the rack of shirts in our showroom we get asked, “What is R.E.D Friday?” and we happily explain. We hope to inspire others to put on a red shirt on Fridays and talk to others about why they are doing it. We want our troops to know we are thinking of them and we support them.

In addition, now through Veterans Day 2023 we are selling additional prints of our R.E.D Friday shirts and donating $5 from every shirt sold to an organization called Lighthouse for Veterans. They help prevent the tragedy of Veteran suicide. According to Lighthouse for Veterans, 22 veterans take their life daily. We know that the grassroots efforts of organizations like this are needed and essential to our Veteran community.

In addition to raising awareness, we could only hope that when our team is wearing red shirts on Friday it happens to be noticed by a family member of a deployed soldier. And that our efforts have made them feel pride or joy knowing their loved one is supported. Or that there is a possibility that a deployed soldier may see photos of fellow Americans wearing red shirts on Fridays on social media in support of them. And, just maybe we can make them feel good. If that is the case, then we have made a difference. We invite you to wear a red shirt, donate to veterans organizations, write letters to soldiers and talk about what and why you are doing it.

To all of those deployed, we appreciate your service. Thank you.