Mike Jasinski



What is your positions at Trophy House? And for how long? Salesman 15 years


How did you learn the skills to do what you do for the company?

I have been selling Sporting goods for 44 years. I learned from some great mentors over the 44 years.


Why do you choose to work here?

I love sports and have a great passion for working with the team that we have at Trophy House.


What is your favorite product we sell and why?

Apparel because of all of the different options that we have to offer teams and corporate accounts.


Favorite sports team? Why?

U of M. I grew up following Michigan Football & basketball.


Favorite TV show?

Watching Football, basketball & baseball games.


Favorite “Michigan” moment.

Meeting Legendary Detroit Piston Guard Dave Bing back in the 70’s at an exhibition game at Calvin College and then seeing Dave Bing again a few years ago at the Detroit Athletic club and telling him about meeting him back in the 70’s at Calvin College having my picture take with him again.


Favorite movie?

Brian’s Song


Pets? Yes/No list them?

YES, we have 2 dogs, Noah & Loulou.   


Share a memorable (funny) moment at work?

I was loading my van with field chalk to deliver one day and grabbed a tarp out of my shed to put down on the van floor. Little did I know there was a mouse nest inside the tarp, and I had mice running all over my van. I had a heck of a time getting the mice out of the van.


Anything else you want people to know about you?

I have a great passion for selling Sporting Goods and working with people.